Nintendo DSiWare - JUMP TRIALS
  • Title
  • Jump Trials
  • Price
  • 200 DSi Points™
  • Genre
  • Run and jump action
  • No. of players
  • 1
  • Platform
  • DSiWare™ (Nintendo DSi™/
    DSi XL™/3DS™)
  • Release date
  • 11/15/2012
  • ESRB
  • E

Run and jump as fast as you can across an obstacle course of platforms to reach the goal within 10 seconds. Each of the 100 stages is a different challenge with obstacles including spikes, moving platforms and conveyor belts. Fail to reach the goal within 10 seconds or touch a spike and it's Game Over.
Control the direction of your stickman with the +Control Pad. Press the A Button to jump.
Tap the A Button for a low and quick jump. Hold the A Button longer for a longer, higher jump. Press left/right on the +Control Pad during a jump to change direction.
Goal Switch
Jump on this switch to clear the stage.
Touch these and it's Game Over. There are stationary and moving varieties.
Movibg Platforms
Timing is essential to land on these safely.
Spring Pad
Press the A Button to jump just as your stickman lands on a spring pad and he'll jump several times higher than normal. The blue pads jump you twice as high as the red pads.
Blows your stickman in the direction the wind is blowing.
Slippery Floor
Slippery surfaces make controlling your stickman more difficult.
ベConveyor Belts
Moves your stickman in the direction the belt is travelling.
Shinking Blocks
Platforms that sink downwards when your stickman lands on them.
Intermittent Blocks
Blocks that appear and disappear again.
Disappearing Blocks
Blocks that disappear when stood on.
Test yourself over 100 stages. Starting from level 10, make your way up to level 1, completing 10 stages in each level. There is a 10 second time limit in each stage. Clear a stage by jumping on the goal switch before the time runs out. If you clear all 10 stages in a level you'll move up a level where you'll tackle more demanding stages.
Levels that you've cleared in Trials Mode will become available to play in Challenge Mode. Additionally in Challenge Mode you'll find three medals in each stage. The higher the value the more difficult it is to reach, starting with bronze, then silver then gold. See if you can reach all three medals and make it to the goal within the 10 second limit! You'll be awarded a bronze, silver or gold crown for each stage depending on how many medals you managed to collect. Do you have what it takes to get gold crowns on all 100 stages?

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